ATLAS Pressure Limiter for Hydrostatic Transmissions

Hydrostatic Transmissions were initially utilized for farm equipment and similar applications. Now machine tool drives, winches, and all types of construction, mining, processing, and mobile equipment enjoy the advantages of stepless adjustment of speed and power. With improvements such as the Remote Controller that Atlas introduced more than five years ago, and the new Atlas Pressure Limiter, their versatility has been expanded even more.

The Atlas Pressure Limiter system allows pump displacement to be controlled by the displacement valve under normal conditions. When the port pressure reaches the pre-set level of the Limiter, it will override the displacement control valve and modulate the pump swashplate angle to maintain system pressure at the pre-set level. The pump and prime mover are both protected from excessive pressure surges.

Characteristics Single Direction
Pressure Limiter
Pressure Limiter
Limits pressure of one output port.
Simple single line hook-up to limiter.
Available for port A or B pressure limitation. 
Limits pressure of both output ports.
Simple two-line hook-up to limiter.
Individual adjustable pressure level in each direction.

ATLAS provides unique pressure limiting abilities...